Easylist Privacy Policy ======================= The goal of this website is to facilitate access to a few functions of the BUNQ API. The facilitated access is provided through an URL with a unique identifier (GUID). The website can create a Google sheet that talks to the BUNQ API through the Easylist backend. This website collects as little data as possible to facilitate this access. This page details the information that is stored and used after you've linked your BUNQ account and optionally your Google account. Information Stored ------------------ - The BUNQ tokens BUNQ sends for OAUTH (code, bearer, installation, session, etc) - The time a URL is created and updated Information Not Stored ---------------------- BUNQ data is requested from the BUNQ API and only kept for the duration of an HTTP request. It's not stored in the Easylist database. - BUNQ transactions - BUNQ account information (IBANS, balance, names, etc) Easylist can create a Google sheet. To do so, it requests a Google token. This token is kept in memory for the duration of the HTTP request and is not stored in the database. Third Parties ------------- No data is sent to a third party. Easylist does not use any analytics service or third party tracker. Log Files --------- Log files aid in troubleshooting and debugging. For example, the nginx log contains incoming HTTP calls. The mod_uswgi log contain debug output from the Python module. Log files are kept for 14 days or less. Source Code ----------- Easylist is open source and the source code is available at: https://github.com/wesselt/easylist License ------- Easylist is made available under the GNU General Public License: https://github.com/wesselt/easylist/blob/master/LICENSE